A new kind

Florey clinics are a new type of medical clinic where wellbeing comes first. We believe patients should be empowered through health advocacy, education and technology.

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What makes our clinics different?

Health advocacy

Our clinics strive to provide services that promote health and access to health care in communities via education

Energising space

Everything about our clinic is about wellness. The waiting rooms will feel more like a living room than a sterile environment

Powerful technology

Our technology is designed to create an excellent patient experience and create efficiencies while improving health safety

Explore our technology

  • Smart devices

    Improve patient safety with digital devices that are automatically saved.

  • Patient app

    Improve patient care by allowing them to view part of their management plan.

  • Doctor's room screen

    Improve patient engagement by sharing relevant information during the consult.

  • On-boarding app

    Improve efficiency by having an application automatically update patient details.

  • Education

    Improve patient's knowledge via engaging and interactive educational modules.

The efficiencies technology provides lets you focus on providing care.

The advantages of working with us


By joining us, you get support from a
bigger organisation but you, as the
doctor is still the business owner!

Complete solution

Never taught how to negotiate a lease
or design a building?
Not a problem! We are here to help.

Training and support

We have a comprehensive training
program that will help you train
your team.

Be part of something bigger

Florey donates a vaccination to a third-world child for every consultation.

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What next?

The next step is to catch up over a coffee and discuss how we can work together.

Once you are happy, we can start helping you out on the site selection, clinic design and training people to run the ideal clinic.

Meet Sam

Sam is a medical doctor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He started his first business, Zambrero, whilst in medical school at the age of 21. Zambrero has a partnership with Stop Hunger Now and has provided over 10 million high protein meals with the aim to eliminate hunger.
Sam also established One Disease, a not-for-profit organisation, which aims to eliminate disease from remote Indigenous communities, one disease at a time. He is channeling all of his experience both in medicine and retailing to create a revolutionary way to provide healthcare to Australians and beyond.